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Man, it's been a long time since I even looked at this page. Links to MySpace? Really? Does anyone even use that shit anymore? I left that link alone for those of you who want to see what social networking sites looked like in 2005. Plenty of my own links were broken on this site. I hate that. You do a google search, finally find what obsure info you were after, click on the link, and there's nothing there! I still don't have any REAL plans for this site, but I figured if I'm paying for it, I should update it once in a while. I'm always open to suggestions. If you have ideas, or think there's something more I could be doing here, let me know. Until then, I leave you with a dancing banana....

Probable Cause
Dance 'til ya Drop Rock'N'Roll!
MySpace What????
Linksys Information
Got a wireless network? You should probably check this out.
Life Hacker
Turn your 60 dollar router into a 600 dollar router!
A little firmware boost for your WRT54G Router
Great pre-1990 Honda Accord Resource
The Samba
Something for Air-Cooled VW Fans
Internet Café USA
The smart choice for Internet data management and web site design
CB and HAM Radio Stuff
Shakespeare 318-GBT "Pogo Stick"
My Base Station Antenna of Choice
D and R Communications Inc.
Authorized Warranty Station for Cobra Electronics & RF Limited
Custom Metalworks
Tower and Antenna Installation, Removal and Repair Specialists in the Installation of Large Yagi Antennas, Arrays and Rotating Towers
FireStik Library
Tons of good info here for anyone getting started with CB
My Cars
My 1972 VW Bug
1972 VW with 1937 Ford front end kit
My Accord
Hey! I just build 'em (web sites), I don't explain 'em!
Other Projects
2008 Bug Show
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